Friday, November 6, 2009

28th February 2009

when someone really loves you,
they will never hurt you

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NEED SOMEONE RIGHT NOW........................ :(

esok teng dtg! yeyeyyy!
x sabarr nak pelukkkk!
she's my bestie.


Sticko Dammit !!!!Nike mAx REebok high classIc Dec 4, 2006 11:22 PM

ye lah ko pmpuan.........

aku igt kn laki td........


kim slm kt shifa tau.........


takde kena mengena dgn sape sape pun saje terjumpa.

thanks for your care since year 2006.

abaikan post ini.


Happiness was never mine to hold...
Let it go, live your life and leave it...
when you're with someone and you love them so much,
but you're not with them..
And it hurts to be with them but it hurts to be without them...
Guys, realize what you have. just know you cant get everything. love what you have, and for you girls dont go crying over a guy because they arent worth your tears and when you find someone that is , they wont make you cry [: seriously though , guys arent worth your tears just know , your better than to do that . and hes dumb for doing that to you [: and that your beautiful , i dont care what everyone says about you girls, every single indivual one of you are beautiful. theres always something about someone that makes them pretty or beautiful, you dont have to impress every guy in the girl or impress any guy but you are beautiful and dont let anyone tell you other wise, because theyre stupid, and you dont just have to be drop dead gorgeous but you can be beautiful on the inside too. but just know keep your head high and that you are a beautiful in atleast one type of way. [:
this is to me actually.
be strong girl.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


31st October 2009, was my convocation day!
The much-anticipated day had finally arrived.
These are some of those wonderful things that really mattered to me.

the crowd

my charming guysss haha

with my lil bro, afiq


with qilla

with maksu yg saye sayangg :)

my man, my love!

my lovely ibu !

thankssss guyss! super happy!

presenting, my happy family! :)

he bright my days!

that's AEP! thanks dude for coming! :)

convo teddy and certificate created by my sis, and her boyfriend! So cute kan? :)

The moment of truth was revealed when I was officially a Diploma in Hotel Management holder!

Congratulations my dear friends! We really made it!

Also not forgetting to my family, my parents who always gimme support no matter what,

truly completed my special day.

My sayang, you coloured my amazing day. Thanks dear.

And thanks to all my friends.

The End


miss nurul syifaa